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Transformational Group

The purpose of the group is to support each other in community by creating a safe space to connect deeper with ourselves, each other and the source. We will accomplish this through meditation, breath work, tantric/shamanic/sufi exercises, emotional release, group discussion and sharing. We will explore trust, integrity, commitment, and boundaries. Our intention is to allow ourselves to experience our feelings, rather than just talking about them. Katya Salkinder is a Body Centered psychotherapist in private practice, specializing in holistic and spiritual growth. She is a certified Tantra and Yoga teacher with over twenty years experience.

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Tantric Hatha Yoga

Kundalini Meditation, Contact Yoga, Tantric Breathing, Visualization

This is a series of special sensuous exercises, deep release, meditation and breathing techniques that open up your chakras/energy centers and utilize your emotions to prepare the body and mind for powerful kundalini energy raising that will arouse you sexually and spiritually and leave you in ecstasy.

Dance of a Sacred Child

Learn to love your inner child. This workshop is designed to help you get in touch with your inner child or children. Through yoga for freeing emotions, and visualization you will be able to contact your own sacred space where your innner child will feel safe and accepted. just the way they are - with their anger and fears, their longings and their laughter. You will be able to express yourself in different forms of movement with music.

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