What is the Heartbeats Method?

A proven technique for empowerment, reconnecting with your essence, re-awakening your heart, integration of body, mind, sex and soul.

The Heartbeats Method is a unique blend of process therapy, hands on healing and yoga. This intuitive creative method enables you to release your emotions, access your inner wisdom, peace of mind, clarity, aliveness, as well as heal your body.

The state of our health and happiness is a reflection of our connection to the source of our being. When our connection to the source or to our core is missing or distorted we feel out-of-sorts. We begin to notice chronic tension, pain, headaches, and sleeplessness. We become aware of areas in our lives that are not working - those "black holes" that we hide from other people and ourselves. They create negative thoughts and images, stress, and confusion. Emotional pain lies deeper.

The Heartbeats Method deals with that emotional and physical pain and other obstacles that separate you from your source. It's largely based on Yoga Sutras Patanjali and tantric teachings.

It also deals with repressed emotional energy which creates energy blocks in the body. I refer to these as inner children, younger parts of us that have been hurt in the past. These often sabotage our lives, especially when we want to move ahead.

I approach therapy as a form of healing, as a restoration of wholeness that happens in the moment through self-awareness and authentic contact. I create a safe and trusting environment so that the parts of us buried by fear and discouraged by criticism can emerge and be integrated. As our awareness expands, we are able to feel our pain and gradually release it - uncovering a sense of well being.

My approach is gentle, compassionate and dynamic.

Therapy can be fun!

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"Experience of happiness, love and peace of mind is your true nature and everyone's birthright."
- Swami Satchidananda

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