Tantra - the Yoga of Love, Spirituality and Sexuality

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path which uses sexual energy to open the doorways to living in ecstatic bliss.

Tantra is a healing path which completes the past, allowing us to live fully in the present moment.

Tantra is a practical means to enhance sexual pleasure, rekindle passion, and empower relationships.

Tantra is a rich and complex body of holistic traditions and practices from India, Tibet and China which was once reserved for Kings and Emperors.

Just like other forms of yoga, tantra offers peace of mind while it relaxes and energizes the body. It enables one to overcome separation and create a sense of unity.

When you are able to relax your body a new sexual experience can take place in which the physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner, tantra contributes to healthy, loving relationships.

"I use the ancient traditions of Tantra combined with contemporary methods of psychotherapy and recent discoveries in sexology to increase intimacy, to integrate sexuality, to heal sexual dysfunction such as orgasmic difficulties and premature ejaculation, and to promote a happier, more blissful life."

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Katya Salkinder is one of the leading teachers of Tantra , certified by Margo Anand. She is a master in the art of Yoga of Love. She is a licensed psychotherapist, sexologist, yoga and meditation teacher, healer and creative intuitive.

Katya has traveled the world and studied with Russian Siberian Tantric shamans and Sufi. She also studies with Bodhi Avianasha, Andrew Harvey and many other highly respected Tantra teachers.

Katya creates a sense of safety and brings great sensitivity to her work. Her powerful presence and sensuality inspires people to be fully alive, generating in others the experience of exaltation and humility.

Using the Heartbeats Method, created by her, which integrates the latest psychotherapeutic techniques and ancient Tantric secrets, she assists her clients in creating a sense of connection with themselves and others. Her students learn how to expand their states of consciousness and experience divine bliss.

She also teaches how to transmit sexual energy into spiritual centers of the body (chakras) resulting in a sense of aliveness, magnetic vibrancy, and healing powers.

Moreover, she teaches her students how to ground these experiences into their daily lives, so that life becomes a dance of ecstasy.

She is available for private sessions and groups,

Ongoing Tuesdays group 6.30

Soho NY $30


Call (917) 373-3371 or email katyas@mindspring.com